What makes Arc Business Partners different?

There are many accountants out there who say they “do things differently”, but how many actually do? At Arc Business Partners, we don’t hire boring number-crunching accountants. Our team is comprised of nationally recognised accountants, bookkeepers and advisors who love helping business owners understand the story behind their numbers. Here are a few reasons our clients choose us:

Why Arc?

The name Arc Business Partners was chosen for a few reasons. We love how the definitions apply to the business we have built and the services we offer. So what does Arc mean?

  • An arc is part of a curve, especially in reference to a part of the circumference of a circle:
    • This means we will be an integral part of your business, helping support you and guide you to make smart business decisions.
  • An arc also refers to luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points:
    • We like to think of our practical solutions and creative ideas as ‘sparks’. We love helping our clients reach that “aha” moment in their business where they understand what to do next. We place a strong emphasis on building personal relationships with our clients, a mixture of mutual trust, respect and value.
  • In a novel, play, or film an arc is the continuous progression or line of development, a story’s dramatic arc
    • Our team is here to make sure your business’ story is a happy one. We’ll help you craft a story that grow and develops over time. We’ll make sure your goals are our priority and give you the tools to reach them.


“We turn numbers into actions”


We offer fixed fees

Traditional accountants still charge by the hour for their services, giving them the incentive to take longer to complete the work. We know that hourly billing is full of problems and fails to consider the needs of the business owner. At Arc Business Partners, we offer a fixed fee pricing which means you won’t receive any nasty surprises at the end of the month. This process is all about increasing clarity around cashflow and making management easier for you also.

We love technology

Just like you we love technology! Our Xero certified advisors are experts at finding and implementing powerful technologies to streamline business processes and improve the accounting, bookkeeping and finance functions. With Xero you can save time, get paid faster and access your data from anywhere. We can help you setup and implement Xero in no time.

We’re specialists

At Arc Business Partners, we’re selective about who we work with. After gaining a few clients in the tech startup space, we realised our passion for working with entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the intricacies and challenges you face every day. Running a business isn’t easy, especially for startups who are trying to make their business ideas a reality. We’ll help you take your exciting venture and turn it into a successful business with our comprehensive accounting and advisory services. If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who’d like to take their business to the next level, get in touch with us today.

We’ve got a great network

James and the Arc team have spent years building an extensive network, including investors who service and fund new tech startups. Obviously, gaining access to this network is a significant advantage for tech businesses who need help raising capital.

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