About us

Arc Business Partners is a modern accounting and business advisory firm that specialises in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Our founder, James Livingston is a young entrepreneur who just loves working with people. A far cry from your typical accountant, James is a people person who combines a love of technology with a passion for helping business owners. Arc Business Partners was formed with the goal to create a firm that uses cutting edge technology with a remote, flexible workplace. Our team are based in Sydney but we operate a virtual firm, so we have clients right across Australia. Our accounting, tax and advisory services are delivered efficiently, while keeping the personal touch our clients appreciate.

The Arc Advantage

Small business owners, especially tech startups and entrepreneurs, need an innovative accountant who understands them and their business. Our team take the time to get to know you and your business in depth, so our advice is tailored, specific and relevant to you. We’ve got the experience to handle your tax, accounting and bookkeeping and deliver quality business advice along the way. Our clients have reduced their stress and saved time and money by working with us. Ready to save money as well? Talk to us today.

“You need an advisor who speaks the language of business.”

The story of business can be a confusing one if you don’t understand the right language – accounting. You need someone who speaks the right language to interpret the data in a meaningful way. That’s where we come in. We’re fluent in accounting and finance so we can interpret your data and give you insights into how your business is tracking. With our insights and your passion, we’ll make sure your business’ story is a successful one.

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