AFR Fast Starters 2018 – Independent Reserve at #17

  Congratulations to our client Independent Reserve – The Cryptocurrency Exchange for their stunning debut on the AFR Fast Starters 2018 list at #17. Well done chaps – it’s great to see your hard work being recognised.    Read more

Surprisingly Destructive Habits You Should Avoid as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs want to have their hands on every aspect of their start-up. This is understandable, as many entrepreneurs come into their respective industries from a place of passion. Their passion will drive them to spend long nights at the office, working hard every hour of every day. Unknown to them, this kind of attitude can actually lead to some destructive outcomes. You must avoid these habits, despite the allure of…  Read more

What is blockchain technology – and how can it help your small business?

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin’s revolutionary cryptocurrency then you’ve already been introduced to an innovative technology known as “blockchain”. A blockchain is a transparent digitized public ledger – in essence, an unhackable record of transactions — maintained by the blockchain’s users, hosted on each user’s computer. A truly transparent system, everyone involved has access to every blockchain transaction in real time. As a small business owner the value of secure…  Read more

Is Bitcoin worth considering as a payment method?

For many small business owners, the offer of low payment fees is a very attractive proposition. Bitcoin – a digital currency that allows low-cost peer to peer payments – offers an interesting alternative to traditional payment methods. When you buy or sell with bitcoins, fees are set by bitcoin users. Typically those fees are much lower than the 2-3% transaction fees incurred in a typical credit card transaction. Before you…  Read more

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